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Advanced Payroll Services


With 13 years combined experience in the pay roll sector our 8 full time staff will manage all your pay roll needs, at the most competitive rates available. Our advanced bespoke systems allow you to manage your pay roll the way you want to.


Our current client base ranges from property management services, building contractors, schools, local food outlets, tv stations, freelance management services and right the way up to corporate entities.


Unique Features:

-As the name suggests, we run our pay system on a daily basis, in fact its run multiple times per day, allowing you to pay self employed staff/contractors same day, unlike the more traditional payroll services that may only run once per week at most. You can even call us and issue one off payouts on the spot, no more waiting until the next pay run when people need paid now.

-You can specify the reference to individual payees, got an invoice number you want added to a payout? Old provider telling you its not possible? Our highly flexible systems can have a different reference number for each individual payee you have.

-Ability to cover the cost from either your side or the payee side. This is virtually unheard of in traditional services. You can opt to have the payee cover our costs.

-Detailed graphs and charts can be requested giving you a visual breakdown of your payee and payments with us.

-International payments not just in bank transfer form.

Unique Payout Methods:

Apart from the usual faster bank transfer system we also have;

-Transferwise, an extensive list of international countries and currencies can be paid via this method, fast and very cheap.

-Cosmopay, a prepaid mastercard solution.

-Paxum, industry leading E-Wallet and prepaid card solution.