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Advanced Payroll Services


Who we are:

We are a small family run business based in Northern Ireland UK, we offer very bespoke payroll solutions for the small to medium sized companies tailored to your exact needs.

We have over 15+ years experience in this field, year on year the concept of Daily Pay is becoming more popular, especially with the recent influx of people working from home and more workers becoming self employed/contractors.


What we do:

We specialise in one particular area, payroll for self employed persons/contractors. An example would be you have an outsourced call centre for your business, they are not employed by your company but they need paid and you can offer to pay them at the end of their shift, this makes it a very attractive deal for them. We handle all records in house, you can manually send us their timesheets or if you use time tracking software like Clockify, Harvest or the many other software solutions out there today we can look into intregation with our systems here.

What is our fee/rates:




Unique Features:


Unique Payout Methods:

Apart from the usual faster bank transfer system we also have;

-Cosmopay, a prepaid mastercard solution.