How much does it cost?

  • Each contract is tailored to the specific needs of the clients and their staff. That being said, the general costings are between 1-2% value of transfer and we do have fixed rate programs.

Who pays for it?

  • In our system, you can either pay the fee yourself, on your terms, for instance each day, week or month or you can pass the fee onto the self employed person.

How do I let you know who needs paid what?

  • There is multiple ways to pass this information to us, a common method is by a CSV file (spreadsheet/excel). For one off payments you can also email or call the office.

Are there verification checks?

  • After a company has signed up and submitted relevant documents, signed the contract etc you can then start adding payees. All payees must be verified by us, requirements are a valid photo ID and 1 utility bill within the past 3 months or a bank statement with their name/trading name on it.

What sort of companies dont you work with?

  • Businesses related to dangerous, illegal or violent activities or items, such as:Drugs
    Stolen Goods
    Hate speech or Racial Intolerance
    Copyright Infringement
    Sexually-oriented materials or services
    Certain weapons or knives

    Businesses related to the adult industry, scams or high-risk finances, gambling such as:

    Pyramid schemes
    “Get rich quick” schemes
    Multi-level marketing programs
    Off-shore banking
    Currency exchanges or check cashing businesses
    Anything for the purpose of bribery or corruption